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Known for uniquely proper clothing and a broad color palette, Peter Millar offers everything from woven sport shirts, sweaters, and polo shirts and more!


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Welcome to Golfbase, your premier destination for the finest golf apparel by Peter Millar. We offer a diverse range of high-quality golf clothing and accessories designed to elevate your golfing experience. Discover why Peter Millar is a name synonymous with style, performance, and sophistication on the golf course.

Elevate Your Game with Peter Millar Golfwear

Peter Millar is renowned for its commitment to creating golf apparel that combines luxury with functionality. Our selection of Peter Millar golf clothing is designed to help you perform at your best while looking your finest. Whether you're teeing off, perfecting your swing, or simply enjoying a day on the green, our collection has something for everyone.

Key Features of Peter Millar Golf Apparel

Performance-Driven Materials: Peter Millar utilizes the latest technology to craft golf apparel that excels in both form and function. Stay comfortable and dry with moisture-wicking fabrics and stretch materials for optimal freedom of movement.

Stylish Designs: From classic polos to contemporary patterns, Peter Millar offers a wide array of styles to suit every golfer's tastes. Make a statement on the course with apparel that showcases your personal style.

Durability: Invest in golfwear that will withstand the test of time. Peter Millar's commitment to quality ensures that your golf apparel will look and perform well round after round.

Sun Protection: Protect yourself from harmful UV rays with Peter Millar's sun protection apparel. Enjoy your game without worrying about the sun's harmful effects on your skin.

Why Choose Peter Millar for Golfwear?

When you choose Peter Millar, you're choosing a brand that has earned a reputation for excellence. With a combination of innovation, style, and superior craftsmanship, Peter Millar has become a leader in the world of golf apparel.

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Experience the difference of Peter Millar golf apparel for yourself. Explore our wide selection of shirts, pants, outerwear, and accessories to enhance your golfing journey. Shop with confidence at Golfbase, where you'll find the best prices, great customer service, and a range of sizes and styles to choose from.

We hope you enjoy shopping our Peter Millar collection at Golfbase, where we are committed to providing the very best in premium golf apparel. Elevate your golf game today with Peter Millar's signature style and performance-driven clothing.