Golf Shoes

Here at we have a huge range of both Men's Golf Shoes and Women's Golf Shoes from a huge array of top brands

With one of the larges stock of mens golf shoes in the UK at Golfbase we offer the most competitive online prices! With new styles from Callaway, Adidas, Under Armour and more. We have plenty of golf shoes on sale whatever the budget.

We offer a range of waterproof spiked golf shoes for the wet winter months and spikless golf shoes for those hot summer days, we have it all.

Comfort is one of the most important things to think about when looking for a new pair of golf shoes. We stock some of the comfiest shoes around like Skechers and their Memory Foam sole technology or Ecco's Yak Leather for supreme comfort.

Golf shoes are very important to your performance on the course. That's because most golfers walk around four to five miles during a round of golf--spending around four hours on his or her feet! Because of this, it is important that you choose golf shoes that fit well. These tips will help you choose a pair that will keep you comfortable even during long play sessions:

• Measure both your feet--then, if one foot is bigger than the other make sure you choose the size that fits your larger foot.

• Socks matter! Try your golf shoes with different sock styles to get the best fit.

• Golf shoes are a bit tighter in the middle of the foot than average athletic shoes--keep this in mind when choosing the perfect pair.

• Decide if you need waterproof shoes. They are more expensive, but will last longer--especially if you play in wet conditions on a regular basis.

• Check out the different styles to find the perfect one for you.